Here’s the Salsa! Week 17

by | Dec 7, 2019 | SGCItoday

The Secret Language of the Spanish Hand Fan

  1. Open fan over the chest showing the design “Yes”
  2. Open fan over the chest showing the back “No”
  3. Open fan covering one of the cheeks “I like you”
  4. Wave fan very fast: “I really like you”
  5. Wave fan very slowly: “I am not interested”
  6. Open fan covering your nose “I want to see you”
  7. Open fan covering your chin “I want to talk to you”
  8. Closed fan near the heart: “I love you”
  9. Open fan placed over lips: “Kiss me”
  10. Close fan waving; “I am thinking about it”
  11. Hit close fan against hand “Leave me alone”
  12. Open and close the fan: “I am upset”
  13. Open fan waving energetically on one side “Don’t come now, other people around”
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