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Here’s the Salsa!

SGC International’s vision for PUERTOGRÁFICO is to educate our membership on the complexity of the Puerto Rico/US relationship, create a platform for mutual understanding, foster future artistic collaborations, and build lasting friendships.

As part of this, we are launching Here’s the Salsa! Each week counting down to the conference, we will be sending out emails and posts with brief history lessons, food & culture tips, language pointers and more, compiled here. Many thanks to Anna Nicholson and Nydia Fernández Toledo for their guidance and contributions to the creation of this page.

Week 21

The Name of Puerto Rico

In 1493, Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colón in Spanish) “discovered” Puerto Rico —that is, arrived on the island during expedition—and claimed it for Spain. A little known fact is that Columbus called the whole island San Juan, in honor of Saint John the Baptist. Puerto Rico (puerto = “port” and rico = “rich”) was the name given to what is known today as the Old San Juan area. It was only later that the names were reversed and the whole island became known as Puerto Rico. Excerpted from Read more here.

Week 22

Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is also listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. With charming 16th century fortresses, cobblestone streets, fountains, museums, and more, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into history. Excerpted from Read more here!