Autumn Johnson
Ohio University

Printmaking education at the Graduate level would grant me the opportunity to develop my portfolio as a professional artist, and grow as an academic. Access to etching and aquatint facilities is important to me; I aspire to push the skills I already have, assist in teaching others about intaglio, and experiment with new grounds, techniques, and scale. Through my work, I am interested in contributing to the long-term relationship between biology and printmaking by researching and creating prints that explore alternative reproductive tactics in nature.

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Ohio State University

Striving to explore environmental issues as well as human interconnections with the world, I collect leftover-residues from everyday life and transfer them into prints, showing the unique texture of thrash, especially plastic products which is one of the main pollution resources today. The technique I use the most is monotype. It allows me to print on large scales by hands only with layers of inked plastic bags and a roller.  

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Andrew Cain
Queensland College of Art, Brisbane AUS

I want to connect to a broader range of artists, to develop my ideas and technical proficiency, to work with groups of like-minded individuals, and organizations that look to benefit the arts and the communities that support them.

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