Institutional Memberships

by | Oct 2, 2019 | SGCItoday

Dear SGCI Members,
In an effort to lower costs for students, we launched Institutional Memberships last year. Available at four different levels, you  can choose the one that works for the specific needs of your institution and printmaking program. Support SGCI and see your institution’s reach with our organization grow!

Benefits of being an Institutional Member: 
• Advertising on the SGCI website and a half-page advertisement on the conference app!

• A table in the Institutional Membership area at the conference, where you can promote your program with brochures, swag, handouts, and more!

• Lend financial support to students on their registration fees: the student pays $87.50, and the institutional group rate covers the other half of their registration. Early Bird rates are extended all the way to the close of online registration for Institutional Members!

• Lend financial support to faculty: The faculty member’s registration and membership are fully covered in the package
 Registration now open
Learn more, sign up, and register for the conference here! Please contact Kate McQuillen with any questions about Institutional Memberships.