Louise Fisher

Arizona State University
Master of Fine Arts

by | May 10, 2019 | Graduate 2019

Artist’s Statement
While day allows for productivity, night affords us contemplation, privacy, silence, intimacy, and most importantly—rest. There I find refuge in the infinite feeling of space and humility in the face of the stars. In post-industrial society, darkness is becoming a rare phenomenon as humans continue to extend their security and productivity through artificial lighting. Commonly overlooked, light pollution has drastically altered ecosystems, our biological rhythms, and a collective sense of wonder. Through my work, I investigate how light affects sleep cycles and our experience of time; creating atmospheric landscapes that are as dreamlike as they are familiar.

I am an interdisciplinary artist working in the expanded field of print; using methods of layering, impressing and repetition for it’s literal and visual enactment of time and the body. By integrating constructed and celestial time, geometric and organic forms, and digital and hand-drawn printmaking processes, I point to the complexities of our current experience with nature. Through an investigative visual language, I aim to rekindle an appreciation for natural light and ask viewers to consider how their rhythms are impacted by this new incessant LED world.

Website: www.louisefisherart.com
Instagram: @louisefisherart
E-mail: louisefisher@asu.edu