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MakeReady Events

Printflix: thepostdigitalprintmaker and Susan Rostow

Event Type: Pre-Recorded Content


MakeReady - Zoom Link

Sat, Apr 10 3:50 pm - 4:15 pm

As thepostdigitalprintmaker we have always risen to the challenges of new technology. In this situation the Covid epidemic has forced SGCI to be virtual. We and Susan Rostow have decided to curate a show that showcases artists that have used technology coupled with traditional printmaking to make animations. User friendly animation software has made it possible for us to bring our prints to life. We hope you enjoy them; we appreciate your virtual feedback.

Participating Artists:

Leonie Bradley created the artwork Recognitia for the album Simulacra by Silverlining aka Asad Rizvi. This video, a collaboration between Leonie and Silverlining, is to accompany the experimental hip-hop track Recognitia from the album. The starting point for the album artwork was a pixelated photopolymer portrait using wood engraved squares printed on gampi as pixels. Subsequently, Leonie created a folded paper structure printed with a linocut on Manila card of Asad’s face, but folded to re-represent the image, forming a simulacra.

Leonie Bradley is an artist, editor of Printmaking Today and an elected member of the Society of Wood Engravers. Her work is about identity in the post-digital age.

Fernando Garcia’s Iteración is a short film animated with the Stop motion technique, it consists of 604 photographs and is made with different printmaking techniques.

Fernando Garcia is a professional artist who specializes in printmaking based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Meejin Hong’s Soil is a paint-on-glass animated film exploring the life cycle of an organism and dualities within human nature. It was created frame by frame on a multi-plane setup using Akua Intaglio Inks and Akua Liquid Pigment. She utilized the reductive monotype technique to make each frame only to wipe away and start again for the next frame. With this medium, she found the temporary and repetitive nature of the process kindred to Buddhist sand mandalas that are destroyed once they have been completed. This impermanence allowed a stream of conscious brainstorming, propelling her into the fantastic, more primitive side of creation.

Meejin Hong is a director, animator, artist based in Los Angeles combining hand crafted 2d, stop motion and digital animation techniques for music videos, visuals for live performances, short films, and commercial work.

Phyllis and Victor Merriam created Feed Me with 3D printed relief plates and monotypes using Akua inks, digital drawings, watercolor, archival pigment prints, cnc and laser cutting. As thepostdigitalprintmaker their methods reflect the online community they have created. This animation explores how social media influences their art practice.

Phyllis and Victor are NY area multimedia artists and bloggers. They created thepostdigitalprintmaker online community and write about and teach printmaking techniques that use emerging technologies coupled with traditional printmaking techniques. As curators this is their third postdigitalprintmaker show.

PD Packard created Armour Clad in LOVE using skills from her years designing in the fashion
industry, Packard created a suit from her prints to represent the idea that even during challenging times, our earth, and all of humanity is Armour Clad, and protected by LOVE. To bring the artworks to life she interlaces and overlays live action video with flat animation mediums in combination with music that flow from one scene to the next.

Multimedia artist and filmmaker PD Packard uses printmaking in combination with Nature to create visual poetry that shares her thirst for color, nature, and unconditional LOVE, not conditional romance.

Born in Washington DC, PD Packard grew up in Maryland surrounded by horse farms, and woodlands. Being stung by bumblebees while running barefoot through clover fields behind her house was nothing new to her. Her childhood experiences with Nature have been a strong foundation for her LOVE of color and pattern.

Lorella Paleni’s Dwellers uses the monotype process. She hand paints each still with watercolor on glass and then impresses the image onto paper using hand pressure. Chance is an important element of each work. The monotype transfer process works not only as a mirrored image, repetition and mutation of the original, but also as a metaphor for translation, a form of repetition where something gets lost and new meanings emerge. Each animation is meant to play with no beginning or end, in perpetual flow.

Lorella Paleni is an Italian-born artist living and working in Paris.

Simona Prives’ Timewaves is a mixed media animation combining specific video, multiple forms of printmaking, watercolor, collage and drawing In collaboration with Ross Williams, sound designer.

Simona Prives is an artist, designer and educator. Simona makes work that is about locating ourselves in the built and natural environments at this particular moment in history. She creates collages that focus on the process of decomposition and reconstruction, the dialectic of growth and decay, and that examine our complex relationship between the organic and the man-made.
To make each collage, she draws, disassembles and reconfigures maps, geological patterns and industrial imagery to breed new worlds that are at once familiar and abstract. Every artwork combines multiple forms of printmaking, using fragments of screen-prints, monotype and found material to assemble the composition.

Susan Rostow is a Brooklyn-based multi-media artist, who uses printmaking, sculptural prints, sculptural books and stop frame animation to reimagine our world.

NESTED WORLD is a stop motion animation created by twenty artists at the SGC International printmaking conference, TEXCHANGE 2019, product fair, Speedball Art Products table. This project highlights the collaborative nature of stop motion animation and printmaking. We started with a monotype plate and Akua inks which served as a basis for all of the artist’s contributions. There were no limitations or instructions – only that each new artist started with what was left from the previous artist.

ABORNING, is Susan Rostow’s way of breathing life into her sculptural prints through stop frame animation. ABORNING, began as a single sheet of paper that was printed with Akua, cut, folded and painted.

WATERFRONT SHOWDOWN is a collaboration between Maddy Rosenberg and Susan Rostow. This animation begins with antique maps of the New York Bay photographed during their research at the New-York Historical Society. Rosenberg used it as a base for her 4 “page” pop-up artist’s book of the Brooklyn waterfront that became the set for Rostow’s mini sculptural population formed from linocut and silkscreen Akua monoprints of the map with various layered textures.

Maddy Rosenberg was born and is based in Brooklyn, maintaining an active international exhibition and curatorial career. Her studio practice includes artist’s books, oil painting, printmaking, animation, toy theater and installation. In 2009, she founded CENTRAL BOOKING, focusing on artist’s books and art & science projects.

Justin Sanz’ Coronamation is a stop motion video with risograph collages. The audio is done by Justin Sanz.
Powers of 10 is a stop motion video with ink on plexiglass and monotype. The audio is by Made For Lying.
Justin Sanz is a Brooklyn-based artist who exhibits locally and internationally. He currently works as an educator, Master Printer, and Workshop Manager at

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