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Post-Studio Printmaking: Artist/ Researcher/ Teacher

Event Type: Panels


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Sat, Apr 10 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

In Daniel Buren’s (1971) essay, The Function of the Studio, he posits the following: “Analysis of the art system must inevitably be carried on in terms of the studio, as the unique space of production and the museum as a unique space of exposition. Both must be investigated as customs, ossifying customs of art. What is the function of the studio?” Due to the health concerns resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, printmaking practices for Artist/ Researcher/ Teacher necessitated transitions from the studio’s conventional notions into new arenas and formats. This panel will explore diverse conceptualizations of post-studio printmaking as the Covid-19 shift has ushered forth opportunities for new adaptations, whether that be into traditional print practices, exhibition formats, community organization, the sharing of resources, or teaching methods. The artists and printmakers on this panel explore conceptual spaces opened up by these new problems to transform how we see and shape our worlds.
Panelists Are: Christopher Thomas – UNC – Greensboro Academic Professional, Director of Foundations, Printmaking & Drawing
Tatianna Potts – Visiting Print Professor – Hartford University
Henry Gepfer – Adjunct Professor at Gettysburg College/Risolve Studio
Kathryn Koca Polite – Assistant Curator & Publications Specialist, Krannert Art Museum
Acuzena Trejo Williams – Assistant Professor – Campbellsville University
Matthew Letzelter – Associate Professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Chair of the MFA in Print Media Program

Samuel Peck -