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Wood Lithography

Event Type: Demos


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Sun, Apr 11 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Wood lithography, also known as mokulito, is a lithography process that utilizes plywood as a printing matrix instead of limestone. The process was developed in the 1970s in Japan by Seishi Ozaku. Like traditional lithography, mokulito relies on the principle that oil and water don’t mix, but does not require many of the toxic chemicals needed to etch a lithography stone. Additionally, wood lithography plates can be printed with an etching press or by hand using a barren.
The demonstration will cover preparing a wood lithography plate to accept an image, drawing and printing materials, and printing of the plate by hand and on a press. This demonstration would serve to spread awareness of mokulito as a stone lithography alternative for those who don’t have access to limestone or a lithography press, as well as the capabilities of the medium.

Chloe Alexander -