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MakeReady Events

Photomechanical Mokuhanga: Laser Carved Halftones

Event Type: Demos


MakeReady - Zoom Link

Sat, Apr 10 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

As new technology continues to become increasingly present and integrated into our daily lives, artists will inevitably find new ways to explore the relationship between digital and analog. This multipart demonstration will briefly introduce the work of some of the pioneers of post-digital mokuhanga, followed by a tutorial on laser engraving, ending with printing using only traditional tools and materials. While similar to printing halftone blocks using oil-based techniques, many unique challenges arise from the reliance on water in mokuhanga.

Until recent years laser engraving machines were mostly out of reach to artists working outside of universities, so in addition to the demo, participants will be introduced to how they can take this knowledge and work with makers spaces popping up all around the world. Although focusing on halftone images, this demonstration serves as an example of the unlimited potential laser carved blocks have to expand the field of mokuhanga, reaching new audiences and new generations of printmakers in this fast paced, ever-evolving world.

Benjamin Selby - Benjaminselby@YAHOO.COM