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The Print Hacking Primer

Event Type: Pre-Recorded Content


MakeReady - Zoom Link

Sun, Apr 11 5:05 pm - 5:25 pm

The Print Hacking Primer is a video that shows various tools that can be made by hand from common materials that aid the “at-home print studio” for relief and intaglio processes, from image-making to printing. For some, pulling an impression beyond the walls of the studio can feel too forbidding to even attempt. I myself felt this way for a long time. Due to teaching a printmaking course during the pandemic, it was of paramount importance to make the material more accessible, and most importantly – affordable. After a year of research, I am now ready to share my findings. Most of the content is simple and yet to a novice, not immediately obvious. The creative problem solving that goes into finding these solutions takes the understanding of a veteran practitioner. Between teaching and managing a print studio, I know exactly what is being compromised in this primer, but the need to find an alternative experience is necessary. The video covers the following (and more):

Handmade Tools: Lighter roulette, Scratching tools (paper clips, nails/screws), Wire Burin (eraser style), Wire brushes, “Bread Lame” style knife, and Bottom of Plate/Leather Belt (sharpening tools). Repurposed Substrates: Tetra pack, Plastic from anything, Aluminum from soda cans, Thick/glossy paper stock, Mat-board/Cardboard, Sintra or Gatorboard (sign making materials), and Thick plastics (Pond liner, etc). Printing Methods: Rolling Pin vs. Akua Pin Press, DIY Barens (Bottle toppers, Lightbulbs), Spoons, Massage tools (Roller Ball, Thumb Tool), and Casters.

Joshua Brennan -