Member Print Exchange Portfolio-A Guide for Participants

This exchange provides an opportunity for members to create an edition of prints to be turned in during the first half of the conference, and in return, receive an exchange portfolio of 12 prints at the end of the conference to take home! There is no restriction as to the number of participants in this exchange, so we encourage all interested members to sign up in registration.

Throughout the conference, the prints will be on display at the Member Print Exchange Exhibition, showcasing the diverse talent and creativity of our members. 

PAPER: The paper size is 11” x 14.” (All paper must be archival). Prints can be full bleed, horizontal or vertical.

INTERLEAVING: All editions must be interleaved with glassine or equivalent archival protective sheets, also 11” x 14”). Please do not use newsprint, bags, tracing paper, wax paper, or mylar as interleaving.

EDITION SIZE: The edition size is 13 prints, numbered 1/13, 2/13, etc.

PAPERWORK: All members must pre-register to participate in this exchange. Thirteen  copies of the forms must be filled (or make copies) out and turned in with the edition at the conference. Please do this before you arrive at the conference to avoid any issues. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE: (If you have having trouble with the form, please contact

COST: There is a $20 fee to participate in the Members Print Exchange. No refunds will be offered.

DROP OFF: Drop-off will be at the registration desk; please check the conference daily schedules for specific drop-off times. At drop off, portfolio participants will be checked against a register of preregistration. All editions will be checked for compliance with the portfolio guidelines for media, size and interleaving, and dryness. Participants will be issued a receipt that must be presented at the time of portfolio pick-up. The portfolio organizers reserve the right to refuse entry of any submission that fails to conform to the portfolio guidelines. No refund will be offered if the edition does not meet the requirements for inclusion.

EXHIBITION: All submitted prints will be on display at the conference for members to view. A Best in Show will be given to an outstanding print made by a student and a Best in Show will be awarded to a print made by a professional. 

PICK UP TIME: Portfolios must be picked up at the same desk where the editions were originally dropped off. All Member Print Exchange Portfolios will consist of 12 randomly collated prints from the collection. You must present your Members Print Exchange ticket/receipt to collect your portfolio – it is your responsibility to hold on to this ticket! No exchange of portfolios will be offered.


Can I participate in both the Member’s Print Exchange and a Themed Portfolio?
Yes, you can participate in both.

Can I print my paperwork at the hotel?
We cannot guarantee that a printer will be available for you at the hotel. Therefore, it’s advised to print your paperwork out BEFORE you arrive to the conference. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t end up bringing an edition?
We do not offer refunds. 

Can I sign up to participate in the Member Print Exchange AT the conference if I didn’t pre-register?
No, Exchange Portfolios are produced based on the number of pre-registered participants in the Exchange. However, you can likely find a friend or fellow artist who pre-registered and ended up not bringing their edition, and turn your edition in in their place.

Will you provide glassine or other archival interleaving?
We do not have those materials on hand. Please prepare your edition and interleaving before you arrive at the conference hotel to turn them in. Editions without interleaving will not be accepted.