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Graphic Impressions


Dear SGC International,

Graphic Impressions has been our community’s journal/newsletter in print and digital form for well over a decade. It has been a very meaningful and educational experience to have served on the board of directors as editor of Graphic Impressions since my appointment these past two years by ex officio president Nicole Pietrantoni.

Graphic Impressions, Fall Issue 2018 marks the end of my term as your editor. As you have recently experienced, our non-profit organization continues to transform with an aim to better serve its membership. This has included a fresh logo and website redesign that improves not only our brand, but also supports a more streamlined and valuable resource of information for our printmaking and print media based community.

During the November SGCI mid-year meeting, the board of directors discussed a change in direction of how we communicate with our supporters. By focusing on a more often published traditional newsletter, our readers will be able to experience up-to-date content that is integrated with our website and social media platforms.

As someone dedicated and passionate about editorial design and publishing, I am somewhat saddened to see this version come to a close, but am excited to see what the future brings! During this time, I will continue to serve SGCI by shifting my focus to the 2020 Puerto Rico steering committee led by its chair, Anna Nicholson.

Printmaking can be not only one of the most diverse forms of artistic expression, but also an evolving applied medium of communication that transcends beyond borders. I have learned so much about SGC International during my board of directors appointment and look forward to my continued involvement and aspiration of supporting diversity and inclusion within this passionate lifestyle and privilege that we share in. Happy Printing.


Marchelo Vera

Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Graphic Impressions is the newsletter for SGC International. The publication of Graphic Impressions in its most recent iteration was suspended following the release of the Fall 2018 issue. SGC International will instead direct its attention to enriching our website with rigorous written and visual content to form a continuously evolving web-based journal/meeting place for our community that is an extension of the engaging and inspiring dialogue of our annual conferences. We will also use our listserv to post regular e-newsletters communicating the news, classifieds, and updates that our members would like to share with our community.

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