Nicole Barreiro

Florida Atlantic
UniversityBachelor of Fine Arts

by | May 13, 2019 | Undergraduate 2019

Artist’s Statement
Captivated by underrepresented women in history, my art aims to bring their accomplishments and efforts to light through the use of visual narrative and printed woodcarvings.
The overlooked contributions of women is something that I am passionate about. I desire to bring awareness to what they have done by creating artwork that serves both to educate and enlighten. During their time in patriarchal societies, it was generally frowned upon for women to take part in certain aspects of society, so their contributions were often neglected, or others took credit for their work. I make art with this subject matter because as a woman I sympathize with the struggles they faced in their own time based on their gender.
Printmaking provides a variety of ways in which to work with the multiple. Which means I can make many prints from the same carved block of wood and they can each be considered originals in their own right instead of copies. Working with multiples also means that various experimental techniques can be applied, surfaces printed upon, and works amplified after the initial printing. Blocks can be printed onto almost any fabric, walls can be screen-printed upon; if the print is on paper then it can be dyed, bleached, water colored, and other papers can be collaged on top of it. These methods have fascinated me since my first experience with printmaking and have enabled me to make art in the way I have always wanted.

Instagram: theangryprintmaker