Puertográfico Community Exchange: Call for Demo/Event Proposals

by | Oct 4, 2019 | SGCItoday

The SGC International Ad Hoc Committee for Community Exchange is pleased to announce five community engagement opportunities at three high schools or two after school programs in San Juan. These opportunities, which are outside of the conference programming, give interested individuals and programs the chance to build meaningful, lasting connections with the community. 

We are now accepting  proposals for professional/instructor-led teams to present demos or print events. Interactive projects are especially welcome to encourage exchange, learn local perspectives, and excite the next generation of printmakers! Teams will be responsible for bringing matrices and other materials with them to Puerto Rico for these events. Take advantage of these great service-learning and community engagement opportunities for university print clubs or community presses by submitting your proposal now! While these demos and projects will not be part of the official Puertográfico schedule, they will be celebrated wherever possible.

Additionally, if you are interested in joining our committee to work on our community exchange initiatives, please reach out to us. 

To apply, please send the following information in a single PDF to bsanders@sgcinternational.org by November 1, 2019:

  1. 100-word abstract of you project including preferred audience
  2. 50-word bio of team leader
  3. Roster of participating team members
  4. Ideal audience/age group
  5. Equipment and material requirements, please note materials team would bring
  6. Anticipated plan for your program:
    • Will it be run start to finish only once?
    • Will it be repeated several times during your allotted time?
    • Will participants be able to join in on the project whenever they arrive?
    • Will your team have a translator, or will there need to be arrangements made for one?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Joseph Velasquez
Blake Sanders
Hannah March Sanders