Puertográfico Schedule

A developing Puertográfico 2020 conference schedule is listed below.

A final schedule with times and locations will be available in the spring on the Conference App.
Please note that this is a work-in-progress and is subject to change.

Thank you to our membership for putting forward such exciting and dynamic proposals for Puertográfico 2020.

SGC International’s vision for this meeting of cultures is to educate our membership on the complexity of the Puerto Rico/US relationship, create a platform for mutual understanding, foster future artistic collaborations, and build lasting friendships. This is no tropical vacation; Puertográfico 2020 will be an adventure for all!


New Programming for Puertográfico:


Puertográfico will showcase over 15 exhibits of Puerto Rican art, with over 500 prints.



Wednesday, April 1


VPP Fair move-in
Registration and Check-in Open
Member Print Exchange Drop-off
Thursday Pop-Up Exhibition Set-up

Beach Events

Details TBD

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Conference Opening Celebration at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
Be there for the launch of our first conference in a different culture! Not to be missed, this event will be filled with performances, theatre, and artwork!

Thursday, April 2


*Early start this year at 8:30 am. Plus Open Portfolio on Thursday!
Registration and Check-in Open
Member Print Exchange Drop-off
VPP Fair
Thursday Pop-Up Exhibitions
Keynote Addresses
Open Portfolio Round 1
Open Portfolio Round 2
Open Portfolio Round 3

Thursday Pop-Up Exhibition tear-down
Friday Pop-Up Exhibition set-up

Universidad de Puerto Rico,
Recinto de Río Piedras

Buses (20-minute drive)

Food Trucks parked near School of Fine Arts

Member Demonstrations at School of Fine Arts

Member Panels at School of Fine Arts and Department of Humanities

Early Evening

Music and Refreshments at Plaza Antonia Martínez

Plenary Panel: Forum on Puerto Rico/United States Relations

Awards Ceremony for Puerto Rican Award Recipients

Exhibitions & Offsite Events

Nelson Sambolín, Papeles / Papers
School of Architecture, Antonio Torres Martino Gallery.

Martín García Archivo de asombro cotidiano (The Daily Amazement Archive)
Department of the Humanities, Eugenio María de Hostos Gallery

Students and Alumni Exhibition, Corrientes (Currents)
Fine Arts Department, 206 Gallery

SGCI Themed Portfolio, Sistema (System)
José M. Lázaro Library System

SGCI Themed Portfolio, Perspectiva 2020
Department of Education, Gerardo Sellés Solá Library
10 artists from US and 10 artists from Puerto Rico

El cartel: voz para la resistencia (The Poster: A Voice for Resistance)
MHAA Museum of History, Anthropology and Art. MHAA Private collection.

Buses from UPR to Sheraton

10 pm to Sunrise
Printmakers at Santurce La Placita and “Art District” of Calle Cerra

Friday, April 3


*Early start this year at 8:30 am.
Registration and Check-in Open
VPP Fair
Thursday Pop-Up Exhibitions Open
Plenary Panel
Membership Meeting
Three Minute Thesis Round 1 Competition

Friday Pop-Up Exhibition tear-down
Saturday Pop-Up Exhibition set-up

Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño

Buses loop from Sheraton to Old San Juan
Old San Juan Trolleys running on circuit for transportation thru Old San Juan

Jornadas del Grabado Puertorriqueño’s print march on Norzagaray Street (in salute)

Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño:
Member Demonstrations
Member Panels

Centro para el Grabado y las Artes del Libro Biblioteca Carnegie:
Demos and Pop-Ups

El Morro:
Kite Flying Celebration

Exhibitions & Offsite Events

Consuelo Gotay: Libros de Artista (Artist Books)
San Juan City Hall, San Juan Bautista Gallery

Puerto Rico and Latin America Prints Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española, en La Puntilla, from the Simonpietri-Fernández Zavala Collection

El barco tiene puerto, el puerto tiene barco
(A Port for the Vessel, A Vessel for the Port)

SGCI Themed Portfolios (Selection by Jury)
17 Portfolios; 150+ Artists from around the world; 346 Prints

Exhibition: The SGCI 2019 and 2020 Student Award Artists

EAPD Student Printmaking
The School of Plastic Arts and Design, Lorenzo Homar Gallery

SGCI Student Themed Portfolio
The School of Plastic Arts and Design, Francisco Oller Library

Grabado Contemporáneo (Contemporary Printmaking)
Museum of The Americas, Ballajá Military Barracks, Second Floor
Artists: Marcos de Jesús, Haydeé Landing, Javier Maldonado, Nilda Rivera, Fernando Santiago

Xilografía (Woodcuts)
Artist: Luis Abraham Ortiz
The Art Students League of San Juan

Grabado en Puerto Rico: 1950 al presente
Museum of San Juan

Isla Pirata (Pirate Island, Printmaking Exhibition)
Tourism Company Building, Miguel A. Domenech Gallery
60 Artists

Grabados de Rafael Tufiño (Rafael Tufiño: Prints)
Tourism Company Building, Entrance Hall

Fielgráfico/gráfica sobre fieltro (Feltgraphic/prints on felt
El Bastión

Retina 2020, Print Portfolio
20 Artists
La Casa del Libro Museum

Museo de San Juan: Museum Collection

Various events (TBD)
The Center for Printmaking and Book Arts, Old Carnegie Library

Saturday, April 4


Sheraton Events

*Early start this year at 8:30 am. 
Registration and Check-in Open
Member Print Exchange Exhibition
VPP Fair
Saturday Pop-Up Exhibitions
Curators’ Forum
Plenary Panel–Diversity: Changing Tides
Diversity Inkubator—Queer Space: Queer Conclave
Diversity Inkubator—International Perspectives
Diversity Inkubator—Student Perspectives: The Next Generation
Diversity Inkubator—Minority Reports 2: Cultural Diversity


Student Group Critiques
Saturday Pop-Up Exhibition tear-down
Curated Open Portfolio Exhibitions set-up

Puertográfico 2020

Islands are vessels anchored at sea. Moored between the cultures of two continents, Borikén —the original name of Puerto Rico— has been a center of cultural exchange for centuries, with a rich and complex heritage. From the early engravings on stone, to the intense printmaking production of the 20th Century and the present, Puerto Rican graphic artists have sought cultural interaction with the world by sea and air. PUERTOGRÁFICO will showcase, through artistry, technique and dialogue, one of the strongest callings for our work: the tracing of History.

Welcome aboard.

Las islas son embarcaciones ancladas al mar. Firme entre las culturas de dos continentes, Borikén —nombre original de Puerto Rico—ha sido centro de intercambio cultural durante siglos, sobre una herencia rica y compleja. De los primeros grabados en piedra, a la intensa producción de carteles del Siglo 20 al presente, los artistas gráficos puertorriqueños han procurado la interacción cultural con el mundo por cielo y por mar. En PUERTOGRÁFICO, entre la técnica, la destreza y el diálogo, compartiremos uno de los llamados principales para nuestra obra: el registro histórico.

Bienvenidos a bordo.