Rebecca Giordano

Pacific Northwest College of Art
Bachelor of Arts

by | May 21, 2019 | Undergraduate 2019 | 0 comments

Artist’s Statement
I am an artist both from and residing in the Pacific Northwest. I cross media within my art practice but most commonly, my work comes out of print, collage, artist book, and textile based techniques.
I explore the power of memory, the intense moments that nostalgia delivers, and how these experiences can constitute home. I aim to allow the vulnerability and closeness that one feels in relation to a person, place or object to seep into the crevices of my compositions.
Confluence, consists of prints and a list poem, made from my journal entries while living in Ghent, Belgium for five months. Derived from the Celtic word ganda, Ghent means confluence; it is the city where the Scheldt and Leie rivers meet. Growing up near the ocean in the Pacific Northwest, my work has often related to water. Travelling to a place that is defined by its waters meeting elicited a sense of poetry and discovery for me.
Be it a physical representation or images generated from memory, my work is a window into my identity as an artist, dreamer and member of a community. My aim is to communicate both beauty and sentiment, move beyond the constraints of how place and self are traditionally defined, and to project, through my work, how I process the world in which we coexist.

Instagram: @Rebecca.giordano

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