Join us live and in person at these locations!

Saturday March 11th, 2023

Or catch them on Zoom!

Collaborator level membership required. 


SGCI 2023: PRINTMAKERS PLAYGROUND – Multiple Layers Miami

To be held at:


290 NW 73rd St, Miami, FL 33150

 Miami, FL – The Printmakers Playground, an SGCI Multiple Layers Conference Event, will take place on March 10th and 11th at IS-Projects in Miami, Florida. Joseph Velasquez of Florida Atlantic University organized the event with participation from Florida International University, Florida State College Jacksonville, University of North Florida, and Florida State University. This will take place in Miami at the incredible printmaking studio, ISprojects. The studio has many presses for indoor demonstrations and a large fenced in parking lot that will be used for our Printmakers Playground carnival of ink!

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in open portfolio sessions, print demonstrations, printmaking carnival games with printmaking supply prizes, demonstrations in paper making, bookmaking, letterpress, screen printing, and more!! This event will also include professional development opportunities, Artist talks, annnnnnnnnnd large-scale relief printing using a steam roller!! The event runs from 10am-4pm on both days.

Attendees will receive a swag bag with stickers, a gallery map of Miami, and other goodies!! The capacity is limited to 200 attendees a day, so sign up quickly!!!!

For additional information, please contact:

Joseph Velasquez @

Boston, MA SMFA at Tufts Iron Print


“Iron Print SMFA”

March 11, 2023

9 am – 4:00 pm


Premise:  A print competition between up to three SMFA student teams.

Goals:  To build connections between students;

To foster a sense of community;

To showcase the talents and strengths of the students;

To have fun!


Summary:  The competition will include up to 3 teams.  Each team will consist of 4 students, 1 coach.  The teams will compete against each other to create an edition of 10 prints that must include some form of relief, lithography, intaglio and screen (or stencil) PLUS a bag of mystery ingredients within a set time limit.  Nothing can be prepared before the start of the event!  Teams will be judged by a panel on quality of images, quality of printing, teamwork and sheer creativity!  There will be prizes! 

 This event will be held at the SMFA print and paper studios.  An orientation to the studios and materials available will occur on Saturday, March 4, 10:30 – 12. Breakfast will be provided. The event itself will take place on Saturday, March 11, 2023.


8:30 – Breakfast for participants

9 – 9:10 – Introduction of teams and coaches (team shirts & names encouraged!), judges, rules & mystery ingredients

9:10 – 12 – Competition begins!

12 – 12:30 – Lunch break (lunch provided for participants)

12:30 – 2:30 – Competition ends!

2:30 – 3:15 – Judging and clean up of studios

4:00pm – Awarding of PRIZES!



  • Each team will consist of 4 students and one faculty/staff/student person as a coach.
  • Each team has one week (after orientation) to plan their approach.
  • Each team must print an edition of 10 prints; maximum paper size: 15 x 22”
  • Each print must include some form of relief, intaglio, lithography, and screen (or stencil) process.
  • Each print must either include the objects in the MYSTERY GRAB BAG or the teams must be able to explain how the mystery ingredients were used in the creation of the prints.
  • The coaches are NOT allowed to physically help with printing; they are allowed (and encouraged) to help with direction, advice, and cheering!
  • A panel of judges will determine awards based on quality of images, quality of printing, sheer creativity and team effort.
  • Each team, judges, and volunteers all agree to have their photos taken before, during and after the event for publicity purposes. NOTE: This event will also be video-taped/filmed as part of the virtual SGCI 2023 Conference.



Team members and coaches will each get a print from their team edition.

1 set will go to the SMFA Library collection

1 set will go to the Muskat Studios Archive

Homes for the remaining three sets to be determined.


For additional information or to confirm participation, contact Carolyn Muskat:


Western Illinois Within the parameters of printmaking processes

Within the parameters of printmaking processes

Western Illinois University
Department of Art + Design
1 University Circle
Garwood Hall
Macomb, IL 61525

Workshops will take place in Garwood Hall rooms 11 and 16.  

Three 45 minute demos and open portfolio

Pizza, refreshments and discussion 

Susan Czechowski
Scratch Away

Demonstrate a silkscreen technique called “scratch away”. Similar to a scratch board, and a linoleum/woodcut this is a way to work reductively using photo emulsion. Printing multiple layers of ink on .05 or thicker Duralar allows one the ability to wipe and scratch away using multiple tools: q-tips, x-acto knives, dental and etching tools. This image can then be exposed. What can be really nice about working this method is that one can create digital/photographic images, print them out in b+w, and working in a darkened room on a light table you can place your image underneath the duralar as a blueprint.

This technique allows for versatility in what is or is not printed underneath this image. Rainbow rolls and spot color can enhance imagery.

Molly Borth + Grace Lessen
Flocking, glitter and other non-traditional fun

Demonstrate in a controlled environment the application of materials as glitter and flocking to a silkscreen.  Discussion on which screens, glue, glitter and flocking is the best for the screen-printing process.  There will also be demonstrations on simple photoshop techniques to best prepare your images. 

Claire White
How to Marble a Litho Stone

This is a very simple process. All you need is a litho stone, asphaltum, and a marbling tank.
A litho stone can be marbled the same way as an etching plate.
Marbling a litho stone produces a positive-opposite to an etching plate where the artist etches the areas not covered by asphaltum. 

Seattle Multiple Layers

Seattle Multiple Layers





Live events will take place at Pratt Fine Art Center – a hub for community printmaking in the Central District in Seattle. These events will be sponsored in part by Seattle Print Arts, a dynamic member-run organization working to promote print arts and community. The satellite conference events will center around a live panel diving into the underfunding and underrepresentation for the Latine/x community in Seattle.

In addition to a panel, open print portfolio where SPA members can share their work and host a social gathering all at Pratt Fine Art Center’s print studio. There will be multiple educational and academic organizations providing recorded content in conjunction with gallery shows and open studios during that weekend.

Capacity is 100 people.

Kennesaw, GA - Multiple Layers: Printmaking in Dreamland

Multiple Layers: Printmaking in Dreamland

at Kennesaw State University

1200 Chastain Road Suite 115
Kennesaw GA 30144


Join us on site at Kennesaw State University’s printmaking department for some serious printmaking fun! Saturday March 11 from 10am – 4pm

On site participants will include demonstrations and pop-up shops by:

NOOSH studio (featuring KSU alum Christopher Neuenschwander)

Demonstrations by KSU Print Club

­Ongoing virtual presentation in the studio that will also be available online:

Cynthia Lollis and Daniela Deeg’s international book making presentation.

ETC Press: Two Decades of Transatlantic Collaboration

Presentation from the archive host at Kennesaw State – the Zuckerman Museum of Art and what the archives needs from artists

Presentation of the new Atlanta Printmakers Studio space in Hapeville, Georgia

Atlanta Printmakers Studio, founded in 2005, is a non-profit community printmaking studio located in the historic Hapeville, GA just minutes from downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Looping Printmaking videos (Animated print project (The Political machine)

Mannequin challenge, NCUR What on Earth steam roller event, 1888 Columbian Iron Letterpress demo…..graduation 2020 and much more).


For more information contact: or ­­

Florence, MA - Zea Mays Printmaking

 Flocculating Acrylics in the Screen Printing Studio

320 Riverside Dr.
Florence, MA 01062
On-site Demo Capacity:  25
Learn a simple method of keeping harmful acrylics generated in the art studio out of the waste water stream. In this interactive, hybrid presentation Zea Mays Printmaking artists will share about their internshi- p experience researching, testing and implementing a system for reducing acrylic particles in their screen printing studio’s wastewater and share techniques participants can use in their home, school or community studios. This process is relevant to any artists working with acrylic mediums, including screenprinters, block printers, and painters. The presentation will consist of a livestream demonstration of the flocculation process, a video on how to make a flocculation bucket, a livestream discussion of adapting the system to both a community studio and a home studio, followed by a live Q&A. This hybrid form allows for an interactive conversation both virtually and in person, and all participants will leave with comprehensive written information, instructions, and links to in-depth video content detailing the process.

Liz Chalfin is founding director of Zea Mays Printmaking, a printshop in Western Massachusetts dedicated to safer and non-toxic printmaking practices.  She supervises all the research projects, which are available to the public, for free, at Chalfin conducts workshops and consultations with institutions and studios on safer printmaking methods.  A practicing printmaker for over 40 years, Chalfin’s work is in numerous public and private collections.  Her work is represented by Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts, Brattleboro, VT.

Catherine Aiello is a printmaker and artist living and working in Western Massachusetts where she is an active member of Zea Mays Printmaking. Her work includes woodcut , screen printing, drawing and textiles. She holds a BFA from Alfred University.

Lydia Giangregorio is a printmaker and fiber artist living in Austin, TX. She graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2021, and got involved with Zea Mays Printmaking shortly after. Her favorite mediums are screen printing and block printing. 

East Alabama - Auburn University

Do it Yourself – Auburn University

The Department of Art and Art History at Auburn University is pleased to host events in association with SGCI’ “Multiple Layers.” This satellite location of the conference will focus on preparing artists to use readily available materials and home-brew processes to create prints regardless of access to fancy equipment.
This event will support the East Alabama Community.
Iney Kulick