About the Call for Participation

The Call for Participation is the official call made by SGCI for members to apply to be a participant in the annual conference’s programming.

Starting in 2021, members will vote on the majority of the conference programming.

We welcome submissions from all levels of career, including emerging artists and students!

For the current Call for Participation, please check the navigation bar for the next conference.

How it Works:

Voting: Membership Votes on Call for Participation Submissions
Panelist Selections: Selected Panel Organizers Solicit and Jury Applicants for their own Panel

Membership Requirements:

You do not need to be a member of SGCI to apply, but if accepted, you will need to become a member. All event participants also need to  be an active member of SGCI to participate in any event, although some participants are only required to have a $5 Friend Membership; see this page for details on membership tiers and participation levels per event type. Participants will receive an official letter of participation for their records.

Participation Limits:

Members are asked to only participate in one event + one themed portfolio per conference. Members may apply to more than one event, but if selected for multiple events, they must choose which one they will participate in. Members are asked to wait a year after presenting before applying again.

We do this in the hopes of opening up as many spots as possible to the largest number of members!

We look forward to seeing your proposal!