Tiered Memberships

Image credit: Valerie Lueth, EVE (detail) 2017, 16.5″ x 12.5″ color woodcut print.


• Voting on Board of Directors & organizational decisions

• Apply for Student Fellowships & Sponsored Awards 

• Access to Opportunities Page listings: job posts, grants, residencies, etc.

• Create posts within MakeReady, our app and online resource-sharing platform

• Create an Online Profile in MakeReady

• Apply to participate in Themed Exchange Portfolios / SGCI Archive

• Submit for SGCI Graduating Class & I’m Searching for Graduate Programs

• Consideration for inclusion in Graphic Impressions, our social media, and special online programming 

Tier 1 Benefits +

• Virtual Event attendance

• Present at the conference (run a themed portfolio, panel, demo, etc) either in-person or virtually 

• Voting on programming

• Apply to lead or participate in Pop-Up Exhibitions at Conferences, either in-person or virtually 

• Discounts at Partner Institutions

Tier 2 Benefits +

• In-Person conference attendance

• Opt to participate in conference add-on events such as Open Portfolio / Open Portfolio Exhibitions (at an added fee)

• Participate in Mentoring, either as a mentor or mentee

• Participation in Member Print Exchange / SGCI Archive 

• Vendor Status: Host a table in the  Vendor Fair and/or be listed in the Vendor section of MakeReady

Consider a Sustaining, Patron, or Lifetime Membership: Your support makes a difference!

Small acts of generosity add up to a greater good.
Member donations have been invaluable in helping develop our new online platform for sharing digital resources and plan upcoming online events. Please consider a Sustaining or Patron Membership to SGCI to assist us with this project, or make a direct donation here. Your donation is tax-deductible.

For those who choose to support SGCI with an additional donation.

For those who choose to support SGCI with an additional donation.

A one-time fee for lifelong membership to SGCI. 

About our New Tiered Membership Structure

SGCI is pleased to announce a new Tiered Membership structure, designed to address flexibility, inclusivity, and our new virtual connectedness. Tier One starts with a $5 SGCI Membership rooted in MakeReady, our social platform, now available in desktop and mobile App formats. Like a makeready process of preparing a work for printing, this platform allows our members to and share resources, ideas, projects, observations, and inquiries to broaden our discourse. It also allows for voting on organizational decisions, giving each member a direct voice in SGCI’s governance.

We are also introducing a mid-level, $35/$15 Tier Two, which will give members access to a new series of virtual events that we will be running in the coming months. Tier Three represents the traditional $75/$35 SGCI Membership, with the ability to be an attendee at the conference or in-person events.

We also offer Sustaining and Patron Memberships, for those who choose to support SGCI with an additional donation. Your support makes a difference! Please note that in January of 2021, our Lifetime Memberships will be increasing to $1000 from the current amount of $500.

SGCI is committed to creating a non-profit that is equitable, accessible, and relevant to our printmaking community. After a one-year trial process, SGCI is hopeful that this tiered structure can become permanent for the organization. We invite you to join us in this experiment to create a new model for SGCI: Sign up today, spread the word, and download MakeReady to your phone!

Support SGCI with a Donation

Your donations make a difference to our printmaking community!

SGCI’s mission is to advance the profession and discussion of printmaking and connect our members worldwide through our programming. This includes conferences, print exchanges, publications, and exhibitions, and opportunities for our members such as awards, presentations, mentoring, and advertising. We believe strongly in our mission, and are grateful to donors like you.

Thank you for your support.