Black Lives Matter.

by | Jun 4, 2020 | SGCItoday

SGCI stands with those who are demanding an end to systemic, institutionalized racism in the United States. Looking inward as an organization, there is an imperative need to reevaluate and expand our efforts to provide our membership with a space that is wholly inclusive.

We believe in taking immediate action to facilitate education and understanding of what it means to be anti-racist.

The SGCI Executive Board is currently assembling a collaborative list of educational resources focusing on the art and lives of Black and Indigenous Printmakers of Color. This list will be available to all of our members to learn from and use.

This will include (but is not limited to):
–Articles, Journals, and Scholarly Publications
–Editorials, Catalogs, and Exhibition Materials
–Interviews (Written and Recorded)
–Biographical and Autobiographical Materials
–Video Resources

We will invite the membership in the coming weeks to contribute to this living document. Our goal is to celebrate these artists as we uplift underrepresented voices and perspectives in a format that is accessible to all. These resources should be present in learning environments.

For our members who are allies and wondering what can be done in this very moment, we would like to reference action items that we have seen from generous Black voices on social media:

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Educate yourself. Do not burden people of color to do this work for you.
  3. Donate if you are able.
  4. Identify your privilege. Don’t center this narrative around yourself.
  5. Check in with your Black friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues.
  6. Stop supporting organizations that promote hate.
  7. Be an ally and advocate for the rest of your life.

This is simply a start, though, and there is much more work to be done. We are so proud of the printmaking community we all share and it is our privilege to stand in solidarity with our members. As we continue to educate ourselves and develop new initiatives, our minds and hearts are always open to how we can improve. SGCI will continue to share resources for how our membership can contribute to equality for all.
Stay tuned for more information on how to add to our collaborative list. Please feel free to contact us at

Black lives matter every single day.