Mentor Sign-Ups for Puertográfico!

by | Jan 13, 2020 | SGCItoday

Members, we value contributions at all levels of careers, and will work to pair you with appropriate mentees: apply to be a Mentor today! Mentoring will happen on Friday and Saturday during Puertográfico.

Becoming a mentor is an outstanding way to serve our membership and foster a new generation of print artists and enthusiasts. Mentors are SGCI members who are experienced professionals, and want to serve our membership and foster interest in our field. This is a volunteer service that they provide.

Mentoring Sessions are one-on-one, and are available for individuals at all stages of their careers – whether you are an undergraduate student thinking about an MFA, a graduate student seeking career advice, an independent artist looking to start a press, or someone in a tenure-track position looking for advice about navigating academia.

Mentoring topics include (but are not limited to):
• Artist Portfolio Reviews
• Career Advice for Emerging and Mid-Career Artists
• Tenure and Academic Advancement
• Independent Presses, Non-Profits, and Community-Based Art

Session times:
Mentor sessions are 20 minutes in duration.

Mentors will be notified of acceptance within 4-6 weeks. Accepted mentors will receive their schedule and information about their mentees shortly before the conference.

Sign up during online registration!

Apply to be a Mentor!