How you can support Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery

by | Sep 25, 2022 | SGCItoday

Our colleagues in Puerto Rico provided the list below as suggestions on where to donate for direct relief. Thank you very much for any level of generosity! –SGCI Board

Hello Dear Friends,

We have scouted for efficient and trustworthy organizations working where they are needed the most and tending to the most urgent needs and/or areas which the government might not excel in. 

Our previous suggestion of the town of Salinas stands and we provide three links below: one (a resend) is the WPost article that includes photos of Salinas; another one is their day-to-day webpage; and finally, a GoFundMe link for their organization.

Below you will see other two organizations that have consistently done a great relief job in the Island since Hurricane María.

There are no words to thank you!


This is the community that artist Nelson Sambolín is from, perhaps the most severely devastated by water — river and sea flooding at the same time. You can see some of the damage here:

Their website:

(Sorry, only Spanish but it shows the work with some photography)

Their funding link:


CONPRMETIDOS (In With Puerto Rico / word play for “Commited With”)
This one has an English version : )

TECHOS PA’ MI GENTE (Roofs for Our People)

Again, in Spanish but they were founded after Hurricane María and have done an amazing job helping people reconstruct their houses. The large number that show up on the home page are Contributions (currency and in-kind) – Registered Volunteers – Impacted Lives – Trained Volunteers.

I am adding an organization dedicated to people with Autism:
(you have to scroll down to see)

With profound gratitude,
Anna and Nydia

Nydia Fernández Toledo

The PDF below was contributed by member Nayda Collazo-Llorens and created by Dr. Adriana Garriga-Lopez on Twitter as @anthrorican. Our Cohort in Puerto Rico, Nydia, above, suggested the organizations highlighted in yellow, as those are in areas of the most need.

Click the down arrow on the graphic below to download and access the links.