Letter from SGCI’s President

by | May 24, 2023 | SGCItoday

Dear SGC International Membership,

I want to thank the 2022-2025 board members for the opportunity to lead this organization.  I also want to assure you that our board is committed to the success and growth of this long-standing organization. We have had many changes and exciting things to share with you all, so please, take the time to review this letter as there are some upcoming changes that may interest you. These topics include a recently completed DEIA survey, forthcoming conferences (Verified by Proof, Providence 2024!), updates to our social media and website platforms, new opportunities to share and exhibit your work, a search for a new position in SGCI’s organization, and the relaunch of SGC International’s peer-reviewed journal, Graphic Impressions. 


As you may remember, we participated in a survey for our organization to understand how we are doing, related to topics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. We want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out this survey and/or participated in an interview on the topic. Based on the information provided we developed several action items to address areas that we can improve upon.  The first of these items is that we are establishing an exciting new subcommittee focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility, and we are seeking members to join and contribute their voices. We aim to ensure that all members feel included, heard, and valued. 

We are also inviting individuals from the membership to serve on this subcommittee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, have ideas, and experience for enhancing our DEIA goals please contact kkakaria@sgcinternational.org and include any information you want to share.  Our first meeting will be over Zoom in June.  (LINK to Letter) 


Verified by Proof: Thanks to the dedicated individuals who have come together to help us make our Providence 2024 conference successful, we are excited to see everyone in person in the Spring. The Call for Entries for Panels, Inkubators, Members Portfolio Exchange, Demonstrations, Vendors Fair, Themed Portfolios and more for the Providence Conference is now live on the website.  

Puerto Rico 2025: We are excited that the SGCInternational Conference originally scheduled for March 2020, is back on the Calendar for Spring 2025. We are planning for a conference here that not only focuses on Printmaking, but features local artisans, culture and food! 

Future Conferences: Rumors have it we may plan to be in Oaxaca Mexico as early as 2026.  We would love to start the process of planning future conferences. If you are interested in hosting an SGCI conference at your University or City (National or International), you can find our conference planning guide here

Calls for Participation:

In addition to our request for membership participation in the new DEIA sub-committee, we have also established a Grant Writing Sub-committee (LINK to letter).  If you have experience in grant writing and are interested in helping SCG International regrow our foundation post-pandemic, please consider joining our sub-committee.  Contact Joseph Velasquez at jvelasquez@sgcinternational.org for more information and to get connected.

We have expanded our website in a few ways.  First, is a recently built Memorials page.  If you know of SGC International members that have passed and should be remembered on our site, please send text, photos and images here: LINK to website.  Keep in mind that this is a new addition to the site and we need your help to expand and honor our past members. 

We have created multiple ways members can connect with each other via social media. Please share what you’re working on, and other relevant printmaking opportunities (calls for entries, residency and jobs) through the links below and we will post on our social media feeds. You must be a current member to participate in these opportunities. 

Graphic Impressions:

After pausing the production of Graphic Impression in 2018, the Board has reenvisioned and will relaunch next week. Graphic Impressions is a Peer Reviewed Online Journal. I would like to extend a special thanks to Blake Sanders, the Current Graphic Impressions Coordinator, as well as, Claire White, Kit MacNeil, and Louise Fisher who have been influential in the redesign and relaunch of this journal. Keep up with our announcements to participate in quarterly calls for online exhibitions, articles, interviews, and papers as well as regular calls for rotating peer review panelists.  

Executive Director:

Due to a change in the administrative side of our organization, the SGCI board has decided to search for an individual to become the Executive Director. This search will be live soon and it will be for a 30 hr week, remote position.  We hope to find someone who will collaborate effectively with the board, lead efforts in grant writing for the organization and have a passion in line with the mission of SGC International.  

Thank you for taking the time to review this novella of a letter.  I hope that you consider participating in our organization in addition to conference attendance.  Introductions to the current board can also be found on our website. I also wanted to remind you that we continue to listen to the membership, please email the board at The Listening Channel. I am excited about the future of SGCInternational, and grateful for the support. 

Claudia Wilburn

President of SGCInternational 2023 – 2025