Round 2 Call for Participants

Apply as a Participant in Verified by Proof!

“Verified by Proof ” is taken from the broadside This is a Printing Office, written by Beatrice Warde in 1932. In a high-speed digital age, the phrase gains importance and embraces the meticulous nature of the hand-pulled print. The Verified by Proof steering committee seeks proposals that engage the message of This is a Printing Office—establishing truth, validation through proof/proofing, and the power of the press—and invites you all to celebrate print and its important role in countering the turbulent culture that we all currently face.

Providence is a city that has historically been a refuge for dissidents and a stronghold in the battle for individual freedoms. It is a city where print is celebrated in all its forms, from conceptual art to communication design. Printmaking often intersects with other media in Providence’s rich artistic community, which is host to a variety of creative spaces ranging from traditional academic settings to community shops and maker/DIY spaces. We encourage proposals that embrace this cross pollination and celebrate the broad scope of printmaking, graphic media, and independent publishing.

Participation Policy

Per conference, members may participate in:
One event and one themed portfolio
For example, you may participate on a panel and in a portfolio; you may not participate in one panel and one demo, or two themed portfolios.

We welcome applications from members to more than one event.  If chosen for more than this, we will need you to choose between your accepted events. We do this in the hopes of opening up as many spots as possible to the largest number of members!

Membership Policy

All event participants (including themed portfolios and special events) must be an active member of SGCI to participate, even if they are not attending that year’s conference.  Join here, or check your membership status in your Dashboard!

To Apply:

  1. View the list of Events open for application here.
  2. Create PDFs for each of the events you wish to apply to, following the Event Organizer’s instructions. Please be sure to indicate your name and the name of the Event at the top of the PDF.
  3. Submit the files through the form below.
  4. Your Event Organizer will communicate with you about acceptance.
  5. Choose which event and/or themed portfolio you will participate in, and communicate to your Event Organizer.

Good luck and we hope to see you at the conference, either as a participant or as an attendee!

Round 2 Applications

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