Vendor, Publisher, Program Fair

The VPP Fair is a showcase of leading businesses and individuals who specialize in printmaking presses, papers, and a variety of tools for printing, bookbinding, and papermaking. Individual and community print shops can display, promote, and support their organizations. Schools and residencies can present and recruit for their programs.

The VPP Fair is part of every annual conference, and is free and open to the public.

VPP Registration

Our new online registration system allows VPPs to register their additional attendees! All you need is the email address associated with your sub-registrant’s SGCI account.

You will have the option of paying for your sub-registrant’s SGCI membership. Please note that all VPPs must be active members.

You may have unregistered helpers at your table, but please note that only registered members with badges will be allowed into other areas of the conference.

VPP Business Profiles

VPPs will now have business profiles within the app! The next version of our app will include a section for the Vendor Fair, and individual VPP profiles that will display a logo, description, and links to any scheduled VPP Demos.

The profiles will be editable through the VPP’s regular SGCI account, and will display in search results within the app.

VPP Demos

VPP Demos are a new opportunity for VPPs to advertise their products during the VPP Fair. VPPs can organize their own demos (one per day) and schedule them in the Conference App.

Please keep these demonstrations simple, as non-toxic as possible, and easily cleaned; please note that there will be no location within in the hotel for cleaning inks, brushes, etc.