Print Shop Registry for Puerto Rico

Send gently-used tools and supplies!
Repair presses!!
Help restock their shops!!!

Donate materials or time to print shops in and around San Juan:
visit our Print Shop Registry to see how you can contribute!

Our Print Shop Registry compiles a list of new or gently used print shop supplies, tools, and time/expertise requests, needed by our colleagues in San Juan. The list is an alternative registry; it does not sell the items directly, but instead asks for donated items or time.

How the Registry Works:

  1. Bring extra items from your studio; buy items from favorite print shop supplier; or ask your print program or community to donate supplies
  2. Let us know what you’re bringing: on the registry, click on the ‘Give this gift’ button, and the gift will be claimed in your name.
  3. Bring the items with you in your luggage (or a friend’s!) to the designated drop-off spot at Puertográfico. If necessary, we can provide a shipping address.

How to Donate Your Expertise:

For the items requesting help/time in the studios repairing equipment, we have a general calendar listing a window of time ranging 1 week before the conference through one week after the conference; however, exact dates/times you are able to help should be emailed to jvelasquez at fau dot edu for coordination with local print shops in San Juan.

General Registry Questions?

Contact Hannah Sanders: hannah.march.sanders at gmail dot com

Need more information about repairs needed on equipment?

Contact Joseph Velasquez: jvelasquez at fau dot edu

Want to know more about our other initiatives?

Contact Blake Sanders: bsanders at sgcinternational dot org

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The Ad Hoc Committee for Community Exchange

The Ad Hoc Committee for Community Exchange is led by Joseph Velasquez with the assistance of Hannah March Sanders and Blake Sanders. SGCI is humbled by the work of this team and eager to see the generosity of our members come to fruition through participation in these initiatives. Thank you Joseph, Hannah, and Blake!