Organizational FAQ

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What are the differences between the Membership Levels?

SGCI is pleased to announce a new Tiered Membership structure, designed to address flexibility, inclusivity, and our new virtual connectedness. Tier One starts with a $5 SGCI Membership rooted in MakeReady, our social platform, now available in desktop and mobile App formats. Like a makeready process of preparing a work for printing, this platform allows our members to and share resources, ideas, projects, observations, and inquiries to broaden our discourse. It also allows for voting on organizational decisions, giving each member a direct voice in SGCI’s governance.

We are also introducing a mid-level, $35/$15 Tier Two, which will give members access to a new series of virtual events that we will be running in the coming months. Tier Three represents the traditional $75/$35 SGCI Membership, with the ability to be an attendee at the conference or in-person events.

We also offer Sustaining and Patron Memberships, for those who choose to support SGCI with an additional donation. Your support makes a difference! Please note that in January of 2021, our Lifetime Memberships will be increasing to $1000 from the current amount of $500.

SGCI is committed to creating a non-profit that is equitable, accessible, and relevant to our printmaking community. After a one-year trial process, SGCI is hopeful that this tiered structure can become permanent for the organization. We invite you to join us in this experiment to create a new model for SGCI: Sign up today, spread the word, and download MakeReady to your phone! Visit your app store and search for “SGC International.”

Can an institution purchase an SGCI Membership?

SGC International is currently reassessing our Institutional Membership structure; we expect to have a new and improved model in place in time for the 2022 conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Please watch this space, our email lists, and our social media for updates!

What if I purchased my Membership in-between conferences?

Your membership is good for one year from the date of purchase. When logged in to our website, our database will recognize you as an active member. If your membership expires before the conference, you will be prompted via email to renew.

Does SGCI have a Code of Conduct or membership requirements?

What do I do if I’ve been harassed by another member at a conference?

Who do I tell if a board member has harassed me?)

The board is now taking measures to go forward with enacting a Code of Conduct that will address our shared values. We will establish a membership that is held accountable to participate in our annual conference and all interactions with respect and dignity, and not tolerate harassment of any kind. This Code of Conduct is currently one of many new policies being reviewed by the board. We are currently looking at what other organizations are successfully doing and seeking advice on best practices in this area.

As the Code of Conduct is another action currently in need of review, if you have been harassed by anyone at a conference, please report it to The Listening Channel. If any current or past board member has harassed you as a member of this organization, please reach out to anyone that you trust, either within SGCI or outside of it. We want The Listening Channel to be your direct reporting channel but understand if you need to reach out to others first.

Board & Staff

Who has decision-making ability within SGCI?

Why do Immediate Past-President and Past-Treasurer have voting positions? How does this help with continuity?

Does SGCI have term limits?

How often do board members repeat terms?

The Executive Board makes decisions about the organization as a whole through a process of meetings, discussion, motions, and votes. The Executive Board is renewed every two years with the exception of the Ex-officio President and Ex-officio Treasurer, who serve the board for two additional years after their Presidency/Treasurer tenure has ended (for a total of four years), and guide the new board with their past experience and support leadership transitions. Some members move into different positions on the board and serve longer than two years. This has helped with continuity with experienced members while welcoming new members into the board.

The Conference Steering Committee juries which panels, demos, themed portfolios, and other conference programming is accepted each year for the conference. The exception is the SGCI-sponsored events, which are programmed by the SGCI Executive Board.

The Program Coordinator has no voting rights on the Executive Board or Steering Committee. They execute their duties at the direction of the Executive Board, in an administrative capacity and supporting role.

What is the board nominations process?

The board seeks nominations from the membership. SGCI allows self-nominations as well. Nominees are then voted on by the membership.

Board members self-select their roles after joining the board.

Where are SCGI’s Constitution and Bylaws?

Our most current by-laws are posted on our website, located at Constitution and By-Laws of SGC International. We are undertaking a process of revising the By-Laws and also seeking two members to serve on this committee.

Where can I find SGCI’s financial statements?

All of SGCI’s yearly spending and the payment of our staff member and contract employees can be found in our public financial statements that are posted to

How do I contact SGCI with concerns?

(Can it be anonymous?  Who is on the receiving end and will I get a reply?)

Reporting of any kind may be done at or through our anonymous reporting system at To report on any issue associated with the organization anonymously, leave the e-mail field blank and members of the board (Faisal Abdu’Allah, Arron Foster, Nicole Geary) will receive the message. You will receive a reply from one of the board members within a few days of receiving your message. If you report anonymously, however, we cannot contact you. Will will take your issue to the rest of the board and discuss it, work on it, or reach out to any involved parties as necessary.