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SGCI is offering Vendors, Programs and Publishers the opportunity to purchase digital (rather than printed) ads on our conference app for our upcoming conference, Puertográfico 2020. These ads will begin to be visible to attendees just prior to the conference and to the SGCI membership on our website until our next conference.

About the Ads

We are offering three size options:

  • Banner (468 w X 60 h px) $150
  • Half page (300 w X 300 h px) $250
  • Full page (320 w X 600 h px) $400

The full page ads appear in the most places. These will show when navigating to the Schedule page, User page, Conference Bag page, Threads page, and the Contacts page. These also show a progress bar across the bottom that will help the user know how much time the ad will show for.

The half page ad shows on the home page, and the banner ad shows on the bottom of the event page. These ads are on less pages, but they are also on what are the most frequently used pages.


How to Purchase

Submit ad files to  They must be in jpg format and sized to the specifications above. Please include in your email:

  • Contact person’s name
  • Organization name
  • Phone number, if paying by credit card
  • PayPal email account, if paying with PayPal

SGCI will contact you by phone to take your payment information. Please do not send payment information by email.